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Buyer Advocacy.

Only an experienced buyer advocate can save you precious time, stress and money.

33 years of buying and selling in the Melbourne real estate market means we can secure your perfect property within your budget.

Purchasing a property is one of the most stressful events we undertake in life. It makes sense then to enlist the expertise of a buyer advocate who not only provides personable, yet professional service but works tirelessly to save you time and money.


Whether we’re negotiating a private sale or bidding on your behalf at auction, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’ve undertaken thorough due diligence in our quest to uncover the ideal property to match your criteria and budget.

What happens when you engage our buyers advocate services?


There are many benefits in using our buyers advocate services to assist with your property acquisition. Whilst these can be different for everyone, here’s how we can add value, regardless of your personal situations, property experience or prior beliefs.

We remove risk and you reap the rewards.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re benefitting from sound, independent advice from a 33 year proven property specialist.

  • ​Our mission is to ensure you purchase the right property, for the right price, in the right location, offering the right amenities.

  • ​We undertake a thorough assessment qualifying you’re rightly positioned to purchase a property to suit your long-term needs, avoiding unnecessary additional property transactions.

  • Our extensive property knowledge means you avoid common property blunders, which could lead to expensive legal and property maintenance costs or, worse, re-sale pressure well under the purchase price.

  • We perform a market analysis by utilising comparable sales data from comprehensive sales databases, which along with 33 years of property transactions produces an incredibly accurate market assessment.

  • ​Comprehensive due diligence, including zoning and planning assessment reports, property position, orientation, amenity and building assessment is completed to the highest of standards.

Off-market property access and why this gives our clients the edge over other buyers.

  • With an extensive database of over 500 agents in metropolitan Melbourne plus Rob’s thirty-plus years of connections in the industry, we can get you early access to properties which are not yet open to the public – and some which never make it to the open market at all.

  • These “off-market” listings mean you have the chance to view a house for sale before it hits the open market and slows the process down so we can assess the property in more detail and buyers have more time to make an informed decision.

  • Similarly, because you're not competing with the general public, there is great potential to secure a more reasonable purchase price by not being under competition at auction, which also saves the Vendor marketing and auction fees and the stress of worrying if the property will sell.

Access to an objective expert (and our network!) whose priority is YOUR property success. 

  • Even a small mistake when purchasing such a large asset can be very costly. That’s why we will review the contract and vendors statement as part of our service*

           *This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute providing legal advice. 

  • You’ll also benefit from our expert negotiating strategies from an experienced industry professional who is representing your interests. We know the key factors to look for when negotiating, which will result in the ideal outcome for the purchaser.

  • We offer access to a comprehensive network of accountants, financial planners, solicitors, mortgage brokers and building/pest inspectors who, like us, have your best interests at heart (or we would not be referring them!)

  • We’ll be on hand for the final inspection to ensure all fixtures, fitting and chattels are in good working order and its condition is as expected.

Peace of mind property purchasing at an affordable price 

  • Our fees for the buyer’s advocate negotiation and full property search service range from 1 – 2% commission negotiable. If you require our services for auction bidding only, this cost is assessed on a specific event basis.

  • We do also offer a fixed fee option and we are happy to discuss fees further on a tailored solution basis to meet your needs.


Full Circle Property Advocates offer complete support from the beginning of your property journey, through until settlement day and beyond. We’re here to be your trusted buyers advocates for life.  Let’s talk today on 0411 17 07 17 or email us via to see how we can help make your next property purchase as stress-free as possible.


"Robert has a great no-nonsense approach, cutting to the chase with clear guidance and advice, I can assure you, you will receive enormous help from Roberts insights ."


—  Chris O'Shaughnessy, Biggin & Scott Director

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