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Buyer Advocates and Vendor Advocates 

with over three decades of property purchasing

and selling experience.

What if we told you there was an easier way to buy or sell property:

a way which saved your precious, limited time trawling the internet to find potential properties to purchase or which eliminated the need to interview an endless stream of agents in the hope you pick the perfect one to sell your most valuable investment – your property.


With over three decades of assisting clients in all manner of property transactions, there is little Rob German has not experienced in this dynamic industry. From  property development, sales and auctioneering before recently transferring his skills and passion to as an advocate, clients can rest easy knowing that wherever you’re based in Melbourne, or even Victoria, we’re here to not only save your sanity, but also, your precious time and money.

"At Full Circle Property Advocates, we are here to be the bearer of this property stress."

Our Services.

Buyer Advocacy:

Looking to buy the best value home or investment within your budget?

We’ll help you search for and purchase your perfect property.


Vendor Advocacy:

Are you wanting to sell but are unsure which agent to appoint?

Allow us to assume the search and keep your real estate agent accountable, at no extra cost to you.

Auction Services:

Want the experience of an auctioneer who’s presided over 2,500 auctions? 

Our ambition is clear: to secure you a premium price.


"Buying a property is the biggest expense I have ever had to make and having Rob made it so much easier. I would happily recommend Rob to anyone about to buy a property."

—  Leanne Richards, Bosch

Buying and selling properties on your behalf, with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Founded on the principles of transparency, honesty and integrity and spearheaded by an unrivalled level of customer service, Full Circle Property Advocates have one mission in mind: to ensure a seamless and stress-free property experience. Not only that, they guarantee every process, whether you're buying from auction, private sale, or off-market, or whether they’re assisting you in selling, you’ll receive a tailored solution designed to meet your individual needs.


Best of all, there are no secrets. Rob and Bonnie operate on the philosophy that the client finds everything out. Quite simply, it's not about making a commission – it’s about ensuring you purchase the right property at the best possible price. They are here for the long haul and look forward to being part of your property journey time and again.

For unrivalled customer service, access to

off-market properties and our extensive industry database, you need

Full Circle Property Advocates.

Save your time, stress and money and be reassured with our integrity, experience and transparency

Stay In Touch.

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Full Circle Logo For Email SignatureArtb
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Bonnie: 0413 041 872


Rob: 0411 17 07 17


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