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Our Story.

Buying and selling properties on your behalf, with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Sometimes it takes a death in the family to make you realise you’re overdue for a career change.


For Robert and Bonnie German, it took the loss of Bonnie’s grandmother to realise it was time for Robert to switch from his successful real estate sales career to buyer and vendor advocacy, after being asked to oversee this family estate and sale of five properties.

Whetting his appetite for a new challenge, Robert realised he had much more to give when assuming this role. An offer from a leading Commercial Advocate to represent him in the purchase of his own home soon followed and cemented his decision that it was time for a change. So, after immersing himself in real estate sales, development and auctioneering for over three decades, it was time to explore a new avenue – and one where Rob and Bonnie together could make a memorable impact in people’s lives.

Welcome to

Full Circle Property Advocates

– here’s our story so far…

(with the best still yet to come, when we work with you!)

“An advocacy role puts you in a position where you're actually assisting people in a greater manner than when you sell their home. It’s not about you as an advocate and how many sales you’ve made in the last 12 months. It’s about contributing positively to somebody's life and being the bearer of their property stress.

Founded on the principles of transparency, honesty and integrity and spearheaded by an unrivalled level of customer service, Full Circle Property Advocates have one mission in mind: to ensure a seamless and stress-free property experience. Not only that, they guarantee that every process, whether you're buying from auction, private sale, off-market, or whether assisting you in selling, is a tailored solution, designed to meet your individual needs.


Best of all, there are no secrets. Rob and Bonnie operate on the philosophy that the client finds everything out. They also have amassed an extensive network of suppliers who can assist in making this buying or selling process a seamless experience. Whether it’s a property management company, an accountant, a financial planner, a mortgage broker or solicitor, they only recommend those who offer a superior level of service to match their own.


For Rob and Bonnie, it's not about making a commission. Instead, they focus on ensuring you purchase the right property – not just any property – and at the best possible price. To them, it's personal. There’s no room for purchase regret in their services and they’ll never recommend a property that isn’t right, just to make a quick dollar.  They are here for the long haul and look forward to being part of their client’s property journeys time and again.

Meet Robert German.

Robert German

There are few who rival the 33 year experience of this second generation real estate agent, turned advocate. Backed by a successful career which has seen him immersed in all aspects of the industry, there isn’t much that Rob German hasn’t experienced. He has undertaken property development, sales and auctioneering before recently transferring his skills and passion to buying and selling advocacy.

With access to an extensive database, Rob gives his clients the edge with the ability to get them into off-market properties before they are open to the general public to view as well as properties which aren’t even earmarked for sale.

As a tenacious negotiator and highly accomplished auctioneer, he’s also able to secure clients superb results, whether on the buyer or vendor advocacy side of the business.

Whether it’s past or present clients, real estate agents or even other buyer and vendor advocates, Rob is justifiably proud of the reputation he’s built, based on trust and transparency and delivering premium results and client satisfaction.


On a mission to deliver honesty, integrity and open communication to his valued clients, as well as save their valuable time and money, Rob is setting the new benchmark in buyer and vendor advocacy in the Melbourne property market. And while there are few with his level of expertise when it comes to grasping the legalities of this industry, for Rob, it’s more about ethics and exceeding client expectations. Set to shake up the way advocates are perceived by the public, contact him directly via or 0411 17 07 17 to experience the difference of a stress-free and seamless property experience today.

Meet Bonnie German.

Bonnie German

Having commenced her real estate career in a cadet role in 2005, Bonnie soon found her niche in the marketing sphere of this industry, before expanding her skillset to property management. A fully licensed agent who is across all areas of the local market, Bonnie is tasked with the business development, marketing and behind the scenes management of Full Circle Property Advocates.

“We understand there can be some confusion about what we do, and I love Rob’s explanation. He emphasises the fact that we may be licensed estate agents but we are not your real estate agent - we are your independent property advisor, here to ensure you profit and prosper through property.

Available to answer all your queries and efficiently assist you in your property journey, contact Bonnie on 0413 041 872 or via

I want to work with an experienced buyer and vendor advocate

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