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Vendor Advocacy.

What if we told you there’s a secret weapon which ensures you pick the perfect real estate agent to sell your property (and at a premium price)?

For a stress-free property sale which maximises your financial position, you need an experienced, Melbourne based vendor advocate.

Selling your home or investment property is the other side of the real estate equation which requires just as much thought, care and attention as when you are buying. It makes sense then to engage the services of a vendor advocate with three decades of Melbourne property transactions to his name, to not only keep the listing agent accountable, but also make sure you acquire an outstanding sales result.


What happens when I engage a vendor advocate?

There are many benefits in using our vendor advocate services when selling your property. Here’s how we can add value, regardless of your personal situations, property experience or prior beliefs:

  • We undertake an independent appraisal of your property

  • We research and interview the right agent to sell your property.

  • Discussions take place to decide the most appropriate sales method and advertising campaigns, to maximize your sale price and minimise expenses.

  • Comprehensive property preparation commences, to make your home market ready.

Remove uncertainty, realise outstanding results

  • We assist you in determining a reserve price/asking price and provide you with comparable sales.

  • We attend open for inspections to ensure the right tone is being expressed to potential buyers and provide you with professional advice and recommendations based on the most up to date buyer feedback.

  • We liaise weekly with the sales agent and provide accurate reports regarding inspection numbers, requests for documentation, and who has inspected multiple times.

  •  We’re involved in all negotiations to ensure you receive the best offer and maximise your sale price.

  • Acting for you with your satisfaction is our priority, we remove any pressure you might feel from agents to sell at a particular price or accept certain offers.


Auction assistance

  • We confirm all interested parties have been qualified by asking: Do they plan on attending? Will they play an active role? How will they pay the deposit? What are their settlement terms?

  • We attend the pre-auction meeting with the selling agent to advise on and set the auction day strategy so the best possible outcome is achieved.

  • We will be there to guide you through the whole process, playing a highly active role ensuring you a seamless transaction.

  • We help you to decide when it’s the right time to place the property on the market or pass the property in and negotiate post auction.

  • We assist you in negotiating the most appropriate settlement, deposit terms and special conditions to most suit your needs and minimise any costs.

  • We provide referrals to reliable services such as conveyances/solicitors, tradespeople, interior designers and furniture hire companies.

  • We manage the whole process, right through to settlement at no extra cost to you.

Fee free

vendor advocate


The fee for vendor advocate services are included in the selling agents commission, which equates to no direct or additional cost to you as the vendor.


You might well ask, “why would an agent want to share their commission with you?”

Here’s why:

  • We carry out our share of the work to earn our share of the commission.

  • We attend most open for inspections, reporting back to you straight away (even on the weekend!), which some agents struggle to do.

  •  As the main contact point between you and the listing agent, we streamline communication, which stops you from dealing with multiple staff during the campaign.

Full Circle Property Advocates offer complete support from the beginning of your property journey, right through until settlement day and beyond. We’re here to be your trusted advocates, no matter where you are on your property journey.  Contact us on 0411 17 07 17 or 

Take full advantage of this little known secret weapon to ensure you get the sales outcome you deserve.



"Robert has a great no-nonsense approach, cutting to the chase with clear guidance and advice, I can assure you, you will receive enormous help from Roberts insights ."


—  Chris O'Shaughnessy, Biggin & Scott Director

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